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    Companionship and Providing Elderly Care in Nigeria

    The Importance Of Companionship and Care For The Elderly

    At a young age, we are energetic, more independent, and surrounded by friends, family members, and coworkers. Therefore, we take companionship for granted.

    But with time, as we start losing many of them, we start feeling alone and isolated. Therefore, most elders prefer to age at their place or home. It helps them to live independently, enjoy more time with other family remember.

    Many times we overlooked the importance of companionship, and thus our loved ones start feeling isolated. So, if you cannot look after them for multiple reasons, you can hire elderly home care services. The services provide overall happiness, support, and companionship to the older family members.

    If you are more interested in knowing about the importance of elderly care and want to know where you can hire these services, give us a read!

    Why Are Seniors Alone?

    It is human nature to interact with other people, communicate with family members, and spend quality time with our loved ones. Therefore, people make friends, get partners and start their families.

    There are various reasons due to which the elders can feel alone. For example, all the family caregivers may go out of their office. Also, it might be possible that the elder kids have been moved away from their family members.

    Thus, letting all the family members feel alone. And this situation can get more worst if their spouses or loved ones have been passed away.

    Why Elderly Companionship Matters A Lot?

    Getting old is normal. It is completely alright to have grey hair or wrinkles. But it is not common to get socially isolated. And at the present age, this happens with most of the elder members of our family.

    Many of us prefer to live in solitude, but it is not the rule. The lack of companionship can cause different types of diseases in seniors. Therefore the elders have a higher risk of depression and much more.

    Loneliness can lead them towards dementia. Elders start getting isolated from all the family members as they feel misfit in the family gatherings and parties. It is the reason, because of which taking care of elderly parents in your home becomes so important.

    With time they may not take an interest in any activity moreover. With time, elders lose their ability to walk, and due to lack of functionality, they start feeling ashamed.

    Importance Of Elderly Care

    It is a fact that a healthy diet, and enough sleep, and proper sleep are required to keep a human healthy and fit. It may be surprising for you that social interaction is far important for human beings than it is.

    Each day adults found thousands of opportunities to interact with other people, including their coworkers, sweepers, drivers, and many others. But, the senior family member doesn't get this chance to talk with other people as they have been retired from their jobs and their children have been moved to other cities.

    The seniors feel isolation, and loneliness which causes different health issues in the seniors. Companionship is a key part of elderly home care, which gives a helping hand to the seniors for their daily tasks and adds meaning to their daily lives.

    The following are the most important benefits of elderly home care:

    1.      Long Life

    Social connections play a key role in fighting loneliness, depression, and isolation. The companionship had a great impact on the physical and mental health of the older family members.

    Following various researches, companionship can effectively reduce diseases and the risk of premature death. Moreover, you can also reduce the chances of dementia by playing puzzles with them.

    2.     Emotional Support And Friendship

    Companionship can give a new life to the elders. For instance, they can go out and can have great fun with their loved ones. They can play games, go to cinemas, and feel emotional support and enjoy their friendship. Thus, this way, they get a new feel and passion for a living once again.

    3.     Helpful In Fastest Recovery

    The elders recover soon at home as compared to the hospital, and the reason is companionship. All the family members help them perform the exercise and physical therapies and enable them to walk again.  Special care, love, affection, and emotional attachment help the senior citizens recover fast.

    4.     Practical Assistance With Everyday Activities

    The companionship gives a helping hand to the elders, with the help of performing all of their daily life activities more easily and effectively. These helping hands can make their life more easy and comfortable.

    5.     Lower Risk Of Heart Disease

    It has been proved that people who live alone have a 29% higher chance of developing heart diseases and have a 32% more risk of stroke. So, to keep your loved ones always close to you, it is far better to keep them socially engaged. So this way, you can let them combat these life-taking diseases.

    Elderly Home Care Business

    The basic purpose of the elderly home care business is to assist the elders in performing all of their daily tasks.

    In addition, the home care business provides them companionship and help in performing exercise or other physical activities. You can choose this assistance for caring for the elderly at home for a few hours or the whole day.


    It is human nature to live with loved ones, talk to them, and feel their presence. But, with time, as you fail to give your elders proper time, you can hire elder care services to take care of your elders in a better way.

    Moreover, these services can also provide companionship to the elders just the way requires. It is a great way to keep them active and healthy for a long time!