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    What You Need To Know About Housekeepers

    A housekeeper is a person in charge of the supervision of the cleaning team of a home. This person can also sometimes perform the other cleaning duties for the family. In some cases, this person is referred to as the maid of honor or the butler. The responsibilities and duties that are performed by the housekeeper may differ from case to case, depending upon the size of the family and the needs of the members present.

    Traditional role of the housekeeper

    Traditionally, the traditional role of the housekeeper was to clean the dining room and the kitchen. Today, keepers are expected to do much more. Traditionally, the kitchens and dining rooms would have separate areas for food preparation and cleanup, respectively. However today, keepers are expected to clean both areas, as well as any and all areas open to the public. Keepers are also responsible for answering the calls of visitors and providing assistance with personal needs such as shopping.

    As homes age, so do the needs of its inhabitants. Newborns may need diapers, and older family members will begin to require more particular attention. For this reason, it becomes necessary for a keeper to be available at all times. This person may be called upon to visit sick members of the family, conduct errands such as purchasing groceries, and provide support for anyone who has a physical limitation.

    House keepers are valuable assets to any household

    While keeping an eye on the infants may be difficult but necessary, it can also become tiresome when there are several other adults to perform other duties. Housekeeper are not limited to just the infant, however. Many young families prefer to assign a different member of the household to watch over the children during the day, and then assign the keeper to take care of the rest at night.

    Not only is it beneficial to have a reliable house keeper, but it is also necessary. There are many unexpected emergencies that can occur in a family that an unprepared keeper would be unable to handle. Keeping an eye on small children, responding to emergencies, maintaining cleanliness, and handling medication may require the help of a keeper. House keepers are valuable assets to any household.

    Housekeeping is often seen as a menial task.

    However, it can be anything but that. If a child suffers an accident, if a resident suffers from ill health, or if a family member simply wishes to move out, it is the duty of the keeper to make sure the home is kept in perfect order. When duties are heavy and there is a great deal of work to be done, keeping the home in order and neat may mean preparing meals, cleaning, and providing maintenance to the property.

    Keepers can also provide companionship services to their employers. Families can even receive assistance doing chores around the home during a task. Housekeepers may be hired to clean the home or perform light cleaning or vacuuming duties to maintain the appearance of the home.

    Housekeepers may not have regular working hours.

    In some cases, they may only work when needed. Most keepers work part-time, as their schedules allow. The majority of keepers begin their work in addition to their normal job responsibilities. Regardless of how much time is spent working, all duties are essential to the well-being of the property and each family member.

    The pay structure for keeper positions varies. In most cases, keeper wages are on an hourly basis, with some locations considering overtime for specific chores. Most homes hire keepers for general purposes, such as doing lawns and cleaning outdoor areas. Specialized tasks, such as pest control, are often required in homes where there are a variety of infestations. In these instances, special contracting services may be required.

    To qualify for a position as a keeper, most local employment agencies require that applicants have a high school certificate. However, it is not unusual to find post-secondary holders like HND and Degree holders as housekeepers today.

    Applicants are also required to undergo security and background checks. Individuals who successfully meet agency requirements are then sent or hired for an interview. Upon a successful interview, keepers are offered a job on the spot. House keepers are typically hired on a temporary basis.

    House keepers are an integral part of the homes. They take care of errands, clean houses and perform many chores that reduce the workload of a working family.