Frequently asked questions


HomeCare is a bridge between parents/families and domestic workers. HomeCare offers an easy, efficient and quick way to find local, experienced caregivers or service provider like nannies, babysitters, old parents caregivers, nurses, drivers and other care providers.
Yes, it's FREE for all users that register on the platform. However, users are offered the choice of Free Membership and Premium Membership.Premium membership are able to increase the number of posting and duration of the posting.
You will have to register as a family/agency by creating your profile and posting your job offer. Once your profile is created, you will start receiving job applications from available caregivers interested in your job.
If you are a parent, include picture in your profile. Pictures tells alot about your person and attract more providers to your post. If you are an Agency, include your picture or company Logo
It's very easy. From the home page, type in keyword or job title, select state and city to see how many jobs are available in your area.
The services we offer are:
- Nanny
- Childcare or Babbysitter
- Elderly Caregiver/ Companion
- Special Needs Caregiver
- House Girl
- House Boy
- Cook
- Housekeeper
- Tutors
- Personal Assistance
- Nursing Care
- House Cleaner
- Yard Cleaner
- Driver
- Laundry
- Watch Man / Security Guard 
Yes. In order to create a safe environment, our platform has a secure messaging system within the platform and only registered users have access to your phone number. Also we do not display user's contact information on profiles and block the sharing of this information in your messages.
No, we don't offer background check. We don't prescreen candidates prior to their registration or after registration as we are not an agency company.

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It is important to Stay Safe. Do not contact anyone who list or tries to list his or her email similar to this below:

name ((at)) mail that is dot com
name AT yah 00! dot C0m
name (0) g maail doot Coom
other funny or implied mails

If you ever see an email address in this section, it may be a scammer. Do not contact them. Instead, click on the red "Report Abuse" button, to help keep HomeCare safe for everyone.
For a small fee, parents, agencies/companies can request for their profile to be featured at the home page of the website. This improves exposure and help get noticed.
We offer a Free Family/Agency/Domestic Worker membership and six types of premium Family/Agency/Domestic Worker memberships.
Free membership allow you perform all activities on the platform plus post one job or one CV per month.